Is GenderUp something for you and your team?

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Question #1


Do you have an intention to scale an innovation?

Question #2


Do you want to scale the innovation in a socially responsible way?

Question #3


Are you concerned that there might be unintended (negative) consequences of your innovation?

Question #4


Do you have a population group in mind that you want to make sure has access to the benefits of your innovation?

Question #5


Are you interested in building an innovation scaling team that is equitable and diverse?

Question #6


Are you willing to make adaptations or think differently about your current scaling process?

You mostly answered: yes
No doubt about it: you are ready to start the GenderUp journey!

You mostly answered: no
No worries! You can read these resources before starting GenderUp:
  • Gender equality in agriculture: FAO video. Watch the video
  • Women in agriculture: Closing the gender gap for development.  Executive summary of FAOâs State of Agriculture 2010-2011. Read the summary
  •  Integrating 'gender' in research for development: How you interpret the term can shape project achievements. Flyer from CIMMYT. Read the flyer