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dimensions of diversity

All the different aspects or attributes which together make up the variety in a certain category such as people.



Socially constructed set of characteristics identified as male or female.



Improving the terms of participation in society.


Novel practices, products, services, models, and institutional arrangements that have a social and/or economic use in society.


Analytical framework to help understand how people’s different identities combined create models of discrimination or privilege.



How to access the Miro board

  • Go back to the email you received from the GenderUp team, and click on the first link 'Stage 1: The Scaling Strategy'.
  • You will now see a template for the Scaling Strategy that you can fill in together.
  • Before you fill in the board, go through these basic features in Miro so that you and your team understand how to navigate and fill in the board.

Basic Miro features
  • Zoom in: hover over the mousepad, or click on the '+' sign in the bottom right corner.
  • Zoom out:  hover over the mousepad, or click on the '-' sign in the bottom right corner.
  • Add a sticky note: click once on the sticky note and 'drop it' where you want to stick it, by clicking a second time. You can now start typing.
  • Enlarge a sticky note: click once on a sticky note, then drag one of the four corners outward.
  • Delete a sticky note: click on it, then press 'delete'.
  • Save the board: this happens automatically.

How to start
  • If you are ready,  start by clicking on the sticky notes in the sidebar on the left. 
  • Other participants will appear on your screen as colored arrows with tags. Make sure everyone can access the board and help where necessary. Only fill in the upper part under 'Stage 1' for now. We will come back to the lower part in Stage 4.
  • Now let participants come together around the first column 'Your Innovation' and start filling it in by clicking on the sticky notes and typing their answers. Continue with the next column ('The Context') and then the lower columns from left to right.
  • When you have filled in the Scaling Strategy, leave the page open while you continue the GenderUp journey here. The board will be saved automatically. You will need it again soon for a discussion activity.


relevant diversity

The aspects of variety in a category which are essential in a specific context.




the process of increasing and / or expanding the use of a specific innovation.